Guest Blogger Barbara Edwards and Her Journey As a Writer

Welcome to author Barbara Edwards who is here sharing her journey as a writer. 

My new release Journey of the Magi made me think about my own journey as a person and a writer.

In my new release, Journey of the Magi, Noel is struggling to keep her promise to her children. A blizzard in Minnesota, a broken down car and lack of money halts their journey to a home in Connecticut. When the man of her dreams offers his help and love, can she resist?

I’m no longer a single mother, but I do have children and they are the most important people in the world to me. I remember the struggles to keep promises. I managed to keep them clothed and fed during hard times. Although I couldn’t always give them the things they wanted, I tried to give them love.

I’ve visited California, been in Minnesota in November where the cold can crack your bones, and gone home to Connecticut for holidays with my children.
Journey of the Magi is a sweet romance from a different place in my writing psyche.

So this book is a reflection of love and loss, hope and promises kept. I dedicated it to my son Andrew and his wife Dawn.

An excerpt from Journey of the Magi:

“Is this the room you meant when you said the children could stay here while I worked?” Noel leaned against the leather chair. The upholstery smelled like Dan and she took a deep breath. 

“Yeah. I know it isn’t much, but...”

“But this is wonderful.” She gave him what she meant to be a quick hug, but her arms stayed around his waist as their gazes met and held. He smelled good, like fresh air, healthy male and soap.

His eyes gleamed as he slowly leaned forward. She had plenty of time to move away, but she waited. His lips lightly touched hers. His felt warm and soft. They teased her for an endless moment until he lifted his head.

“I’d better set up that playpen for Nick and leave you to settle them in.” His voice was rough and deep. She dropped her arms, unsure what she had expected.

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  1. Thanks Gloria for hosting me today.

  2. Barbara, as they say, the journey continues. I'm sure your kids are proud of you. Great cover! Journey of the Magi sounds like a wonderful book.

  3. Barbara, your story sounds lovely, and your journey, remarkable. Best of luck with the book. Tweeted and shared. Barb Bettis

  4. Sounds as if you gave your children more than love, you also provided them with memories and ethics. Good on you!

  5. What a wonderful tale--both your own and your book. Best wishes, Barb.

  6. Thanks for being here today, Barbara. And thanks to all of you who stopped by.


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