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Cowboy Up with Guest Author Andrea Downing

A big welcome to Andrea Downing, author of Lawless LoveLoveland and the soon-to-be-released Dearest Darling


With my first book, Loveland, currently on sale until 26th September,  it’s rather a reflective period for me.  I remember the research trip to Colorado and Wyoming I did—the first of several—and the pile of memoirs I consulted to get the language and characters correct.  Other facts I had to research for Loveland were the household products in use in the 1880s, as well as the foods they consumed.  Perhaps the most famous of these for cowpunchers was Arbuckles’ Coffee.  
Right up through the Civil War, coffee was primarily sold ‘green’ to be roasted by the consumer.  This was done in a skillet over the campfire on the range or in a wood burning stove at home in small batches:  while green coffee beans could be stored indefinitely, roasted beans could be rancid within a couple of weeks.  Furthermore, such individual roasting was inconsistent, and one burnt bean could rui…
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