The Game Plan

I've decided to do something different each day of the week, but I'm going to skip Saturdays unless I have something really, really exciting to say. Although in that case, I'd probably say it on Facebook, so I can safely say I will rarely blog on Saturday.

Here's how I plan to break it down. Although I have been known to veer off the path now and then, even if it's a path I created myself. So, I can almost guarantee this won't always be what happens, but I'm going to try.

I always love to get comments, so please don't hold back.

Sunday - Sunday Serenade. I'll post a link to a song that has inspired me, touched me or that I just really enjoy. Maybe I'll discuss it or maybe I'll just let you enjoy it.

Monday - Blessed silence. I'll post a picture and a caption, but little else on Mondays. Maybe it will be something I found at a yard sale over the weekend. My daughter and I yard sale almost every Saturday, so I usually have a treasure I could share. Or maybe it will be something else.

Tuesday - Talking to Myself About Myself. That's what blogging feels like to me. LOL. But this is the day I'll actually post something about me, my life, my writing, etc.

Wednesday - Writing Prompt. I'll post pictures, songs, quotes, etc. to get your imagination going.

Thursday / Fridays - I'll have guest bloggers, interviews, press releases, contests, etc. on Thursdays and/or Fridays. This might be the time I review books I've read.

So that's the plan. We'll see how it goes.


  1. Glo - That's a lot of posting for a working gal on her way to being a world-famous bestselling writer. I aim for 3 posts a week and sometimes in the winter when there's nothing going on in the garden, I can't even get the 3.


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