Interview with Author Christine Elaine Black

Today we have Christine Elaine Black, Author of the Imperial Desire Series. Welcome, Elaine, and thanks for being here.
Hello Gloria and thanks for having me as a guest on your blog. I’m excited to be here.
Tell us a little about yourself and what you write.
I live in Ontario, Canada. I write a number of genres in romance and have just published my third novel. All three of my currently published works are historically themed.
Do you find any recurring theme or idea in your writing?
My books feature men prominently on the cover and often have their name as the title. Maximus, Taurus and A Rose for Lancaster. For me the man’s personality and flaws are important elements in the story.
What do you consider the most important element of a story?
The most important element is the connection between the man and the woman. As much as they may wish to be together they have issues and problems to deal with and until concessions are made they can’t move forward.
Do you have a writing schedule or do you just write what you can when you can?  Do you listen to music when you’re writing?
I usually write at night after the house is quiet and I work for blocks of three or four hours. I don’t listen to music. I enjoy the silence.
You write historical fiction, which requires some research. Tell us about how you research your stories.
I’ve read many books about ancient civilizations and medieval times. It seems I’m an ancient Roman fanatic and a Tudor fan (long before it became popular). A few years back I searched for a good love story set in Imperial Rome and ended up writing one and it turned into a series.
Everyone’s road to publication is different. Take us down yours.
After I wrote a number of books I joined a site for writers and posted a few chapters. The feedback helped to refine my story focus and general editing skills. I submitted a manuscript to The Wild Rose Press and they offered me a contract. The first book was released in November 2012 followed by a second one in March 2013. After experiencing publication via a small press I decided to branch out and self-publish my Tudor novella. It’s been a super learning experience to have diversity as an author.
Are you working on anything right now or do you have anything new coming out soon?
I’m working on a contemporary novella and a Regency thriller/mystery and I’m tempted to write a western that’s brewing in my mind. (Not enough hours in the day!!)
Do you have any advice for other writers?
My advice for writers is network. Join groups online or locally if possible, meet authors/writers on facebook and yahoo or other writing sites. There’s a wealth of information waiting to be discovered and many, many authors are extremely helpful.
 Most writers are avid readers, too. What do you enjoy reading?
I love reading for fun and my favorite is historical fiction with a good plot and lots of tension between the couple, along with a dash of history. I also read Egyptian, Greek, medieval, Arthurian, some Regency and some Royal court historicals.
When the work day is done, what is your favorite way to relax?
My favorite way to relax is to spend time with family. My daughter is a part of a musical theatre group and I volunteer with the costume and prop department. It’s another creative outlet that I enjoy very much. 
It's been a pleasure to visit you today, Gloria. I invite you and your readers to visit my website, blog and amazon page to read more about my novels. Happy reading!! 
Christine :)


  1. I enjoyed your blog post, and liked reading that you cross genres. Best wishes for a successful career.

    P.S. Love your male models!

    1. Hi Ashantay: Thanks for dropping by with your good wishes. (Yeah, those male models. What can I say....) :)


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